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Text Verification Tool (TVT)

The Text Verification Tool® (TVT) is the international benchmark for accurate and user friendly text and graphic verification. TVT is currently used by the world’s leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as numerous regulatory bodies to ensure compliant, error-free and consistent documents. TVT allows users to compare text and graphics with one solution. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified, 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11 compliant.
TVT is the solution used in Legal/RA and Prepress


Finally there is a paying innovation in quality assurance in the incoming goods inspection in the pharmaceutical business: the new software ImageCompare. It simplifies and expedites the processing of checking and giving leave in the inspection of pharmaceutical packaging immensely. This digital aid in daily work augments the security of the inspection dramatically and closes the gap in the digital pdf-workflow.
ImageCompare is the solution is used in Prepress and QA/QC

OBR Pharma

European Union directive 2004/27/EC specifies that every medicine box must include the name of the medicament and the potion not only in standard text, but also in Braille. OBR Pharma is a software running under OS Windows, that uses a standard flatbed TWAIN A4 or A3 scanner, locates and recognizes a Braille text embossed on the medicine box and can be used in pre-production process or in quality control of Braille text correctness on complete medicine boxes. Besides the Braille recognition from the back side of the medicine box, software allows to scan and recognize Braille text from the front side of the box, from BMP or PNG images of medicine boxes and is able to recognize Braille dots from the PDF file, that can be used as a pre-print for Braille before the production process. OBR Pharma enables to control the correctness of the pre-print for a production process as well as correctness control of the final product.
Braille Verification Software OBR Pharma is the solution used in Prepress and QA/QC

Jetty Robot

Are you having difficulties with contaminated air ducts?
Jetty, our cleaning robot, is your solution!.

Features :

uses a dry ice blast cleaning method
for air-condition ducts, industrial and kitchen air-vents
cleans ducts of circular, rectangular or square shapes
reaches horizontal, vertical or sloping ducting
Jetty Robot is used for Cleaning and Inspection of Ducts


Are you involved with artworks in your company (eg regulatory, quality assurance, compliance, supply chain, etc) and do you recognise any of the following?

Delayed Artworks
Complex processes
Too many reworks
Wasted hours

Twona, built by designers for designers, has taken 15+ years of experience from its DTP studio and applied all of this knowledge into creating a tool for optimising the artwork process, beginning to end. Ask Debug Services for a demo, because Twona delivers:
Customizable workflows
Email notifications
Automation engine
Automatic Artwork Generation
Artwork versioning
Label based archiving
KPI reporting
Artwork annotation



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