Schlafender Hase

Schlafender Hase & Partner is a small dynamically growing privately owned and operated company. It was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Since 2003 it has focused on the successful development and marketing of its Text Verification Tool (TVT). The Text Comparator, TVT is the solution used in Legal/RA and Prepress

Ladegast GmbH

Primarily Ladegast produce and imprint folded boxes and instruction leaflets for the pharmaceutical industry. But there is more to it: because they have a lean organization and because they work reliably, at a high speed with regard to response time and intelligently as well as emotionally, they keep succeeding in finding new and paying solutions for their customers. Solutions which quite often bring about surprises for the whole line of business. The “INNOVATION” inspection software ImageCompare is The solution used in Prepress and QA/QC


Machine vision and image processing technology for industry and medicine NEOVISION, analyze user problem, propose a solution, verify it in experiments, and design and manufacture a turn-key system that solves user problem efficiently. Proprietary mechanics, optics, hardware, and software with PC computers running Windows are combined to achieve high flexibility at low costs. To follow a demand from pharmaceutical industry, Neovision developed new software that can localize and recognize Braille text embossed on the medicine boxes and translate it into standard text using a flatbed scanner. The Braille Verification Software OBR Pharma is the solution used in Prepress and QA/QC


Specializing in the creation and maintenance of pharmaceutical packaging designs, as well as portfolio management.
Our dynamically built tool TWONAS tracks every artwork, allowing our USERS to handle new requests and changes with ease.
TWONAS, An AMS replaces excel files, emails, phone calls and other legacy tools. It improves visibility, traceability and planning capability. It helps spot bottlenecks via reporting of KPIs. It reduces the probability of error by means of quality assurance tools. It minimizes turn around and time to market.



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